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Thank you for your interest in doing a Roe V. Wade theatrical event!  Let us know your preferred date to host the event.

This exclusive Premiere Movie Event will feature your organization as the star of the evening. You'll have the opportunity to host the event, to greet people at the beginning and encourage them at the end, and then to show the complete ROE V. WADE movie. And you'll receive all the resources and promotional items you will need to make your evening a success.

If you wish to preview an online screener of the film - please click on the button below:




Once you complete the form below - someone from the ROE V. WADE team will contact you and walk you through the process.

Included in your Downloadable Event Kit is:

— Trailer
— Downloadable Printable Invitation
— Web & Social Banners/Posts

— HTML Email Invites

— Poster/Flyer Printables

Click here for "Resources"



Once we secure your theater, we will be able to provide you with the rental cost.

You have the option to selll tickets to your event, or give them away. Some organizations use the event as a fundraiser.  Another option is a ask a donor or company to sponsor the event.

You don't need to use physical tickets for this event - but you can choose to create a ticket option using Brown Paper Tickets or Eventbrite.

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  • What are the dates we can do a theater event?
    Your Roe V. Wade theaterical liaison will help you pick a date.
  • Can I review the film before I book my event?
    Yes, to request an temporary online screener of the film for one person in your organization - click here.
  • Can I resell tickets to my event?
    Yes, once you purchase tickets from your local theater you can resell them for whatever you want.
  • Can I book a theater on my own by going directly to the theater?
    Yes, you may rent your own theater, but it will require pre-approval from the Roe V. Wade theaterical liason. (Include this in the note when you fill out the theater request form)
  • Can we sell food/drinks at the theater where we are hosting?
    Most theaters are not allowing food or drink options at this time.
  • Am I allowed to speak and fundraise before or after the film showing?
    Most theaters allow this; however, this is on a per-theater policy basis. Prior approval is always necessary.
  • Can I show a video about our organization before the movie screening?
    Yes, most theaters will allow you to show a video, some additional costs may apply. We will need to consult with the theater on a case by case basis.
  • Can I do a step-and-repeat banner (for photos) in the theater lobby?
    Yes, most theaters will allow you to do this. We will need to consult with the theater on a case by case basis.
  • How to do I pay for my group event?
    We will send you the payment options and procedures upon receiving the quote from your theater.
  • What is Roe V. Wade rated?
    Rated PG-13 for mature thematic content and some bloody/disturbing images.
  • What does a hosting a theater event include?
    The auditorium size varies per theater, so please let us know your group size. Own your auditorium(s) for the night - Option for lobby space if you want to set up a red carpet and step-and-repeat - Option to open and close with a special greeting - Option to show a video (theaters options vary - we will help you seek prior approval)
  • Does Covid-19 effect the number of people we can invite to a theater buy-out?
    Each theater and state has new safety measures. Based on the theater you choose we will let you know about any new procedures.
  • Can we host a virtual or online movie premiere?
    Yes - click here for an online movie premiere option.

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